Highly Customized, High Quality, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to preview our collaboration, “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.” We’ve blended the best of the best world’s talent to bring highly customized, high quality, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to your client’s stage.

Above is a few words about our new collaboration and a link to a visual example. We look forward to meeting with you and hearing your thoughts on this new entertainment experience.

Dennis Smith, Doug Miller and Roby Turner

A word about once-in-a-lifetime experiences…

“The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” performances blend the world’s best entertainment talent, such as high-end party bands, cirque performers and electric string quartets, to deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences to your guests. Production aspects are only limited by your imagination…quite literally, the sky is the limit!

For instance, at your most prestigious event, guests could enjoy a concert-like experience featuring famed band Party On The Moon and Phat Strad’s rock electric string quartet, while being mesmerized by Zen Arts cirque dancers and aerialists. While your guests are in awe by this highly produced experience, they will clearly receive your important message and mission, which is gracefully and intricately woven into every aspect of the high quality and custom performance.

Who is our talent? Our talent has performed all over the world, alongside superstars from Diana Ross to Jennifer Lopez on the greatest stages from the Grammys to the Super Bowl, and everything in between.

Why this collaboration?

The wheels starting turning for us a few years back when a mutual client brought us – Party on the Moon, Zen Arts and Phat Strad – together for an exclusive show. The synergy and energy we experienced was incredible. We recognized the excellence in one another’s talent and a shared drive to deliver amazing experiences, and we knew together we could create something really special and powerful.


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