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Jessie’s Girls Friendly Rivalry Heats Up

It you haven’t seen Jessie’s Girls, picture this.  Four amazing ladies and four incredible men – all on lead vocals –  backed by a killer six-piece band. Think major-touring, artist-level music.  High energy.  Fabulous dance moves (they work with Beyonce’s choreographer!)  And stellar costumes (their designer also works with the Black Eyed Peas!). As you can imagine, together, Jessie’s Girls slays it every time.

But there’s been a little something brewing behind the scenes. A little friendly battle-of-the-band rivalry that’s heating up.  Our leading men have been banding together to perform “Boy Band” songs and audiences have been going wild.  Not wanting to be overshadowed (after all, the band is called Jessie’s Girls!), our leading ladies stepped up in their stilettos, created a medley all their own and have been strutting their stuff to the delight of guests everywhere.

The ladies and men of Jessie’s Girls now try to out-sing and out-dance one another at every show. So, please help us put this rivalry to rest once and for all.  Who does it best?  The leading ladies of Jessie’s Girls or the leading men?

Visit Galaxy Party Management facebook page to watch the videos and cast your vote.  All those who vote, will be entered into a raffle for a super cool Galaxy Party Management hat.

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