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What do Eli Manning, The President of Nigeria and Julius Erving (aka Dr. J) have in common?  We are proud to say that these greats have all enjoyed Galaxy Party Management as wedding entertainment.  Pretty cool, right?  Well, if you’d like to be added to this esteemed list, reach out! Our major-touring artists are at the ready to make you & your guests feel like celebrities on your wedding day.

100s of weddings every year…each one different from the next.

Every year, our bands play 100s of weddings.  We have lots of experience making sure entertainment on your special day exceeds all exceptions and is unique to your style.  All of our bands feature artists who have toured with superstars, an array of entertainment options and amazing client service – all with the goal of creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Do not think average wedding band.  Think exceptional.  But you be the judge.  Visit our band pages to check out our videos & see for yourself.

If it sounds like we are bragging, it is because we are!

We hope you you’ll join our roster of high-profile clients:

Our clients do some bragging all their own.  Check out the great review below about Jessie’s Girls and raves about all our bands:

Jessie’s Girls
played at our daughter’s wedding Saturday night. During the planning stages of the wedding, your advice was once they start, don’t stop them.  Well we adhered to your plan and the party was like none other. The band had energy that no other affair I’ve attended has ever had. Jessie’s Girls is the real deal. Thank you for making the memories everlasting.

~ Rob Lewis, Father of the Bride


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