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A lot of businesses say they go the extra mile for their customers. It’s an easy tagline. But what does going the extra mile really mean? It means giving clients more than they bargained for. Ed instilled this concept in me in the early days of Party on the Moon. The idea of performing a non-stop show for our clients is an example of this principle.
Businesses that go the extra mile in the spirit of service set themselves apart from the competition and solidify their relationship with their clients. Those relationships live on long after the work ends. Case in point. My wife needed a new car. She knew the make and model she wanted, but neither of us knew of a local car dealer we trusted. Recalling a terrific Party on the Moon client with a dealership in Winston-Salem, NC, I called him for some advice on automobile shopping in Atlanta.
“I’ll have my top sales guy call you,” David Neil said. “He can help you.”  Before the day was over, the salesman, Tommy Hooker, had talked to my wife about what she wanted. And, within 48 hours, he had six options for her, gave us a great price and called another bank to get us a lower interest rate than I had set up. After she decided on the car, Tommy had it shipped to our front door within a week. Then, he actually took a flight to Atlanta to show us how the options in the vehicle work. Wow! No wonder Neil’s dealership is among the most successful in the country. It didn’t just go the extra mile for me…it went the extra 320 miles! Now, I go out of my way to recommend them and I wouldn’t buy a car anywhere else. I am a customer for life.
Clearly, going the extra mile is one of the most important principles of success. At GPM, we are always thinking about how we can go the extra mile.  I’d encourage you to do the same. Where can you add value that you can give to your client?  Get in the habit of asking that question and thinking of ways you can improve.  It will pay off in spades!
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