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The Young President’s Organization Southern 7th Chapter booked not one but TWO Galaxy Party Management (GPM) bands for its Family Meeting at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, last month. For this year’s Family Event, 20 Ride, played on Sunday, June 18 and Jessie’s Girls took the stage on Monday, June 19. We were happy to oblige YPO on its needs & certainly have enough cool entertainment to go around!

A word from Jessie’s Girls Vocalist Meghan Shanley. “This event was very unique because the audience was composed of families who ranged from 5 – 50 years of age. It was a beautiful crowd…everyone was decked out in pastels. And, it was so fun to watch enjoyment from both sides of the spectrum. Kids were going bonkers when we played Miley Cyrus tunes and parents went wild over our Motown and rock medleys. Of course, our challenge was to be on our feet and adjust any lyrics and moves to ensure they were all age appropriate, which was absolutely our pleasure.

20 Ride Band Leader Jeff Jones added, “We felt the same way about this event. It was truly special. Always fun to see families (in this case 137 families and 600 people of all ages) rocking out to Zac Brown songs. It just goes to show there is not limit to our fans!”

Numerous bands. Countless songs. Mass appeal. With GPM, there is NO LIMIT!

*Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Mud Productions

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