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Is being perfect even possible?  My partner, Ed Duncan, and I know that perfect is a fleeting term because what is perfect in one moment is not always in another – and, of course, there is always room for improvement.  But, when we set out to create National Party Bands (NPB) 10 years ago, striving for perfection was our goal – and it still is today.

When we first sat down over coffee at Starbucks in Atlanta,  we were searching for the solution of how to meet the huge consumer demand for Party of the Moon. Client after client would call and the band would always be booked.  Additionally, we were getting calls at the same time from exceptionally talented musicians who wanted to join our band.  The answer – create a sister band concept similar to what the hospitality industry does with hotels. Evidence by the success of Party On the Moon, we knew we had  to create bands that had the same NATIONAL ACT CALIBER musicians.  And that’s how NATIONAL PARTY BANDS was born.

So, what does national act caliber musician really mean?  For us, it means the best in the industry. Similar to what the NBA, NFL, etc. do, they only use the best.  When you pay a ticket price to go to see national acts like Maroon 5, Katy Perry or Luke Bryan, you expect to have a memorable experience by hearing great musicians and seeing a great concert.  That’s what our bands aim to achieve with every performance but without the price, ego or ridiculous rider that comes with booking a national act.

At NPB, it starts with nice people first followed by the best talent.  Our bands feature musicians and singers who have played on the national stage with greats like Elton John, Janet Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and James Brown.   Our choreographer, Kimmie Gipson, dances with Beyoncé. Our sound engineer has gold records on their wall.  Simply put, we try to surround ourselves with the best in the industry.  This level of talent coupled with our commitment to high-quality service, non-stop performance  and delivering the best party experience ever is how we strive for perfection.

So, will we ever be perfect? I doubt it, but I have to tell you, Ed and I are having a great time finding out.  Join us on our journey and enjoy top-level talent at your next event.

Keep on keeping on.


Ronnie Garrett