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Ask yourself this about your work: If I weren’t getting paid to do the work I’m doing, would I still be doing it?” If the answer is “yes,” consider yourself a success.

The poet Robert Frost once said, “All the great things are done for their own sake.” What he meant was all worthwhile enterprises are motivated by their creator’s vision of their existence. They are created simply for the sake of creation. Nothing more. Not for adulation, not for financial gain.

There is a big difference between creating for the sake of creating, and creating to make a buck. Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Our creations can pay financial dividends. But when we create without an agenda, we create for the joy of the exercise, that’s when great things begin to happen.

When we create without considering how we might benefit, creating becomes easier. The pressure is off because the creative process becomes about the vision, not about the creator.
Try this approach when you are creating & let me know how it goes.

– Dennis

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